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Who Is Lindsay Lohan And Why Should I Care?

I am an old guy and for the life of me cannot understand the vox populi attraction for Lindsay Lohan.  I’m not that old and I appreciate the talents of pretty women. Lindsay Lohan is one troubled person. She’s got a police rap sheet longer than all the politicians combined in Washington. Mostly its for drug and alcohol abuse.

She also has talent. I saw her in one movie, Georgia Rule with Jane Fonda. Nice performance although I think the character she played was a spit and image of herself. I don’t listen to her song recordings, again, that age factor.

With her track record with drug abuse, why is it the tabloids go ga ga (sorry Lady of the same name) that she cries in jail and fears going to rehab for the umpteenth time in her young life. She turned 24 July 2. Hell, every time she’s sentenced to jail the Los Angeles city jail releases her early because of over crowded conditions with real, live, honest to gosh hardened criminals. Once she spent 13 hours in jail for a 45-day sentence.

In her latest episode breathlessly reported by E! and other tabs, the last attorney dumb enough to take her on retainer said:

Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley had hopes that her client would get out of prison this week. However, a Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department spokesman shot down that report on Monday, and that’s a good thing, according to some Lohan sources.

“There are all these reports of Lindsay crying in jail, but the hardest part for her is being alone,” said one Lohan source. “Sure, it’s hard for her, but it’s not supposed to be fun. This is the first time she’s truly being punished.”

The source said that rehab will likely be more difficult for Lohan than the jail time.

“Ninety days is going to feel like a long time to her — she doesn’t stay anywhere for 90 straight days. And, this isn’t going to be the kind of rehab that caters to her. If Lindsay’s going to learn something, it will be from rehab, not from jail,” said the source.

Uh, rehab has been an equal opportunity failure in the past.

The only person who can straighten out this gifted, pretty young actress is Lindsay Lohan. I suggest you read the bio Wikipedia offers. It is moderately balanced and fair, I read it. My impression she is still young enough to regroup. But were she my granddaughter, I probably would have spent more time in jail than she’s clocked in — for child abuse: A good spanking when she deserved it. But, I’m old school. But worried she cries in jail? Give us a break. The adoring public are her enablers. Get a life. Never mind. When Lindsay Lohan passes, these groupies will latch on to another young celebrity. And it will be deja vu all over again.

I’d prefer her this way …

Sincerely, your Hollywood correspondent.

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