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A Word From Obama Crashes Jerry Brown’s Website

For those of you who hear and believe President Obama’s job approval ratings are tanking, that his personal popularity is ebbing and his cadre of zealot young supporters are disillusioned, that memo hasn’t reached California.

On the campaign trail supporting Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer, Team Obama sent an email calling for money and support for Democratic candidate for governor Jerry Brown.

Faster than you can say Yes We Can, Brown’s website crashed from the windfall of heavy traffic. What you see is what you got:

“The site is currently not available due to technical problems. Please try again later. Thank you for your understanding.”

It was the first time Obama acknowledged the California attorney general was alive and well and serves as a left handed compliment. The lost message as reported by the Los Angeles Times:

“For decades, Jerry Brown has been a champion for the people of California. He has served as governor, as mayor of Oakland, and is currently the attorney general,” Obama wrote in the e-mail, which was distributed by Organizing For America, the Democrats’ national get-out-the-vote apparatus. “To each of these jobs, he’s brought an unparalleled passion for helping the people of California. Now, he wants to return to Sacramento to bring that passion to the governor’s office, and he needs our help to ensure that he wins this race.”

Brown spokesman Sterling Clifford said the website was restored.

The obligatory response from Republican governor candidate Meg Whitman: “Announcing an endorsement like this in the dead of summer means that Jerry Brown is worried, the White House is worried, or both.”

In horse race parlance, the two candidates are running neck and neck.

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