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HousekeeperGate Bedevils Meg Whitman

Before we jump to conclusions and say “Gotcha” that California gubernatorial Republican candidate Meg Whitman didn’t know she hired an illegal worker as housekeeper, there is an element to her story that rings true.

That is she hired the woman through an employment agency which verified the domestic helper was in deed a legal resident.

I can relate to that. As a landscape contractor, my responsibility ended by reviewing what purported to be valid Social Security cards and drivers’ licenses. That they might be fraudulent was no skin off my ass.

But Whitman has taken it a second step where she throws her former employee under the bus, as we tend to say nowadays.

She claims she never saw a letter from Immigration in 2003 that advised Whitman the domestic, Diaz Santillan, was an illegal. The reason was Mrs. Santillan was responsible for sorting out the mail for Whitman and her husband to read.

In 2009, when Santillan and her husband fessed up, Whitman fired her.

Seems we have “NannyGate,” a popular Washington parlor game killing presidential appointments, before our very eyes.

Whether this kills Whitman’s $130 million bid to buy her way into Sacramento remains to be seen.

As a landscape contractor, I wasn’t so rich to trust my employees telling me what they thought I needed to know. In Whitman’s case, it is troubling that if the feds notified her in 2003, what about any follow-up actions in subsequent years? If the feds were that serious, why was she never — allegedly — given a hand-delivered summons?

No matter what her flimsy excuse, Whitman is responsible for her actions even after discovery, as lawyers are prone to say. I can forgive being a fraud victim. I think carrying this unbeknownest to her for six years is a stretch. Or her housekeeper was one brilliant gatekeeper.

Here’s the latest in what amounts to a rewrite from Wednesday’s Los Angeles Times.

Is this kind of stuff worth deciding the fate of a political candidate? I don’t know for others. For me, it begs the question will she as governor blame others when things turn sour? Our government chambers are full of that crap already.

(Photo firstamendmentcoalition.com)

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