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Apology As An Art Form Of Entertainment

Rick Sanchez apologizes to Jon Stewart. Lawrence O’Donnell apologies to Michael Steele. President Clinton apologizes to America. Jim Bunning tells everyone to go to hell.

The art of the apology is becoming legendary in America. Mea culpa is indeed becoming a requisite art form in our country.

It is a trend not only in politics but in the entertainment field and in business.

Mel Gibson says he’s sorry. For what drunken rant, I am not certain.

My favorite syntax is those that say “If I may have offended anyone for my (fill in the blank) I am sorry.”

Sometimes ego gets the best of the apologist. “I am sorry if I let down my legions of fans,” Alex Rodrguez is quoted, still denying he took performance enhancement drugs or whatever juice he was accused.

Meg Whitman is in my apology hall of fame. She said she did not vote for 25 years and should have. She denied knowing she employed an illegal immigrant as her housekeeper. Democrats are praying that will kill her chances of being elected California governor where 36% of the population is Hispanic.

Just to be fair, Democrats are equal opportunity liars and apologists. John Edwards comes to mind.

So are preachers gone homophobic or, oops, caught on camera fondling a pretty boy.

It seems to me apologies are fast and furious for no apparent degree of sincerity. It depends where you sit.

Richard “I am not a crook” Nixon lied so much Barry Goldwater and Hugh Scott marched into the Oval Office and told Tricky Dick to quit.

When Clinton apologized over his Monica Lewinsky affair, Republicans said it was not sincere.

When Sanchez apologized sort of the other day, Keith Olbermann said it fell short. Of what standard of judgment, I have no idea.

I suppose people who apologize for stupid things, the public is tolerant and willing to forgive and forget.


We believe in redemption.


Apologies are a form of atonement like the drunk who asks forgiveness for those he hurt.


What I look for in apologies is contrition and honesty. For example: “Yeah, I screwed up and I probably will do it again.”

I sort of admire that Republican congressman from the Midwest who quit before his affair with a comely staff member went public. Now, that nipped that scandal in the bud.

Mark Sanford, the South Carolina governor, not only set a high standard goal of apologizing to the last gory detail, his wife showed more class by not standing by his side being totally humiliated a la the wives of Sen. David Vitter and New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, and, by proxy, Hillary Clinton.

Like I said, apologies are news driven. They are scored like an Olympic diving event. When was the last time an apologist was awarded a 10?

Apologies are like political endorsements. They don’t mean much.

Which is why I envy Jim Bunning. He survived a political career by telling voters if they didn’t like him, don’t vote for him. He and Dick Cheney could flip the bird to their peers and could care less what people thought.

Of course, I never am 100% certain if that’s integrity or stupidity.

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