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The Fallacy Of Exposing The Tea Party As Hyprocrites — For Now

After weighing through the annoying (expletive deleted) CNN TV ads promoting the Kathleen Parker loves Eliot Spitzer show, the Daily Beast website article on Tea Party hypocrisy caught my attention.

The thrust is the Tea Party in its broadest form supports less government, lower taxes and reduced spending. Yet, some of the states where Tea Party sentiment runs high, so does government spending per capita.

I assume the authors believe the Tea Party which is driving the latest edition of the Republican base wants its cake and eat it too.

I am uncertain if this is a fair comparison. It could be one of those apples and oranges thingies. For example, Wyoming, the first state listed, receives $2.2 billion in federal spending at $44,270 per person of which 26% of the 544,270 population identify themselves with the Tea Party.

Based on those numbers, are we to believe that about 145,000 Wyoming residents don’t want that dough spread around their state?

I don’t think so. It is not as if each resident is receiving a $44,270 check directly as if it were from Social Security and return it to Washington like my Uncle Herb did when he retired in the 1950s.

Rather, I think it is taking a broad philosophy of those who view government with extreme skepticism and disgust and applying it to specific projects. Aye, there’s the rub: Tea Party Republicans are in accord with the big picture but fracture violently when applied to specifics.

The Daily Beast article sites a few specifics: Freedom Works Chairman Dick Armey rails against federal education funds, South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint voices opposition to state earmark projects and Kentucky Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul debunks federal bank bailouts.

In the broad scheme of things, I would agree. We have not received much bang for our bucks in education, but to demolish the U.S. Department of Education is not a solution when you get into the details. Even in DeMint’s state, his high court overruled the governor and ordered stimulus funds dispersed to the peons. It could be argued without the bank bailouts, we would have no solvent financial institutions today as we grudgingly enjoy them, warts and all.

I have no quarrel with Republican Tea Party principles. They just have not been tested in terms of governance. I would wait and see exactly what entitlement cuts they can drive through Congress and override a presidential veto. Nor do I buy the argument that the first six years of the Bush administration is a bellwether because they only cut taxes but not spending and the size of the federal government grew unabated.

Until they prove otherwise, I view the Republican Tea Party as more shouters than doers. They simply have not thought out the ramifications in the long run of what they propose.

To me, they are the woman at the August 2009 health care town hall meeting who shouted down socialized medicine but don’t you dare take away her Medicare benefits.


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