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The ‘Best Political TV Ad Ever’ Changed My Mind

This won’t exactly strike fear in the heart of the Meg Whitman for Governor campaign in California but I think I will change my earlier announcement I would vote for her.

I figured since her nomination she was worth a try compared to the Democrats’ old warhorse Jerry Brown. So much for preconceived notions.

The tipping point in my mind has been a work in progress because of Whitman gaffes on the campaign trail and a total collapse in memory of what a great campaigner and skilled politician Jerry Brown is when he focuses.

That doesn’t mean either can govern this unruly, schizophrenic state of constituents called voters who in past years have proven themselves idiots for voting in favor of ballot propositions they lived to regret or cannot afford.

Believe it or not, what caught my attention was a Jerry Brown television ad showing unpopular Gov. Arnold Schwarzenneger mouthing governances that Whitman has repeated almost verbatim these past months.

Chris Matthews of MSNBC’s Hardball show, never bashful in political hyperboles, said it was the most powerful, effective TV ad he has ever seen. I won’t go that far, but it was a winner.

That ad got me to thinking like I suspect millions of other Golden State voters, that we have a rerun of a millionaire buying an election, promising results and failing (not entirely by reasons of policy).

That does not mean Brown would do any better. But he does know where the skeletons are buried in Sacramento, he should have a Democratic Assembly and Senate and if one of the key propositions on the Nov . 2 ballot is passed, it will only take a simple majority vote of the legislature to pass a budget.

I also would feel more comfortable with the Democrats when they are charged with redistricting our state’s congressional districts based on 2010 Census results.

Of course the Democrats controlling all branches of government is not a cake walk. Just ask recalled Gov. Gray Davis.

I knew from early years and knowing Jerry Brown that at least you know what you are getting in a governor. Whitman is a female version of the Guvernator and that’s not exactly a rewarding experience. (Even the right wing base of the party thinks both are too liberal). It would be a rude awakening for her when she learns she cannot manipulate the Democratic majority in the capitol that she did with her EBay board of directors.

There’s another recent development that I suspected all along about Whitman was her penchant for blaming others for her mistakes. Her handling of an undocumented housekeeper for nine years was bungled in which she either lied or had a convenient bout of amnesia.

Personally, Brown is as frugal as his Jesuit upbringing suggests even though he and and wife are millionaires.

I am not concerned Brown would approve a budget that would enact massive tax increases as much as the question how he can manage taking away some of the benefits from the government and teachers unions that are bankrupting the state more than anything else.

Of course, Brown could get lucky as Ronald Reagan enjoyed as California governor. The national economy along with the state’s could rebound and Jerry could take credit for it just as Reagan did in his day.

These are my clumsy efforts to explain away a change in heart for a political candidate.

A more academic reason is found by the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California. The survey showed the GOP to be highly unpopular in my state. I knew that. But you might find it pertinent in how voters in a blue state think.

(Whitman photo courtesy joemygod.blogspot.com; Brown photo courtesy houguenews.com)

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