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Judge Sacked For Reality Show

The California Commission on Judicial Performance has given the wackiest San Diego Superior Court judge in modern times five days to resign.

The last caper for Judge DeAnn M. Salcido was filming a TV reality show in her El Cajon branch courtroom. In May she sued her boss, the presiding judge, for not enforcing domestic law the way she preferred. The suit was dismissed.

The state disciplinary board in effect gave her five days to get out of Dodge, never accept a judiciary position again (in California, at least) and man up for a public verbal lashing of censure.

Salcido was appointed to the bench in 2002 and won a contested election for the seat in June 2010.

A royal thorn in the side of the county’s judicial hierarchy from the beginning, the final straw was the reality show in September that did her in.

With remarkable restraint, the city’s major daily newspaper gave this account of Tuesday’s decision:

The commission alleged 39 acts of misconduct, contending Salcido made numerous disparaging, unflattering and improper comments from the bench that belittled defendants, attorneys and court staff.In her response, Salcido said she tried to use humor and an unorthodox approach when dealing with cases, but the commission was not persuaded.

In the order censuring her, it said her actions “made a mockery of the judicial system.”

It slammed her “utter lack of decorum” and said it reflected poorly not only on her, but the entire judiciary.

“Judges are expected to administer justice and resolve serious issues, not to provide entertainment,” the commission wrote.

Here’s the Union-Tribune account at the time of her reality show laugh-in.

In an unrelated incident to her sacking, Salcido produced a YouTube video with a voice over of her as a cartoon caricature apologizing to a defendant for what she said was a bad decision based on other judges’ mistakes.

(Salcido photo courtesy San Diego Union-Tribune)

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