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Judge Rules Obamacare Mandate Unconstitutional

A U.S. District Court judge in Virginia has ruled a provision of the health care reform law is unconstitutional. It is the provision that mandates all Americans have a minimum level of coverage, or pay a fine if they do not.

The Los Angeles Times reports Judge Henry Hudson said the mandate exceeds federal authority. This challenge, among many in the federal court system, was brought by Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli who argued against the government’s view that the mandate is enforceable under the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

The newspaper provided this brief background:

Virginia has passed a law stating that residents cannot be ordered to buy insurance.

A federal judge in Florida ruled in October that a separate suit challenging the law brought by 20 states and the National Federation of Interdependent Business could move forward. But a Michigan judge had dismissed a third suit earlier that month.

The most controversial section of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act does not go into effect until 2014 and only after its constitutionality is determined by the U.S. Supreme Court.

I would hope clear thinking people will relax and let the courts decide this issue rather than working themselves into a lather from fear spread by bigots who oppose virtually every aspect of the health care reform legislation.

One popular myth circulated by these fearmongers is the law exempts Muslims from mandatory insurance coverage. It is a practice called dhimmitude that purveyors of this nonsense says appears on page 105 of the new law.

In April, snopes.com clarified and deflated the perceived favoritism considered an affront to Christians and Jews.

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